Vehicle Finder for LEDriving HL headlight lamps

Check the compatibility of our LED high and low beam bulbs with your vehicle

With the OSRAM LEDriving Vehicle Finder, it is now easier than ever to find out if your car is compatible with our LED lamps1 and if you require any accessories in addition. If you want to know more about the perfect upgrade, check out our LEDriving replacement lamp portfolio!

For the list European car models have been tested, country-specific models are not considered. Car models not listed might fit, but were not tested yet.

* Until end of production

1 These products do not have ECE approval. This means they must not be used on public roads in any exterior application. Use on public roads leads to cancellation of operating license and loss of insurance coverage. Several countries do not allow sale and use of these products. Please contact your local distributor for information on the availability in your country.

2 Error messages might appear, OSRAM is offering LEDriving CANBUS CONTROL UNITS to avoid error messages on the board computer when using LED lamps within 50 W applications

3 Installation adapter needed – can be purchased at automotive specialist shops

4 Non-OSRAM caps can be purchased at automotive specialist shops