High-resolution dashcams for front and rear

Sometimes in traffic, you get into situations when everything happens so quickly, and an accident is inevitable. Afterwards, you may only remember parts of what happened. To help you focus on the road, high-resolution and wide-angle dashcams record what may be happening outside of your field of vision. The G-Shock sensor in the device ensures that the cameras start the recording process – even when the vehicle is parked. Dashcams can give you a good, reassuring feeling that potentially important image material is secured and available for later analysis, if necessary.1 High-contrast black-and-white night-time images from the ROADsight 50 dashcam can help ensure that even in collisions in the dark, hardly any detail is missed.

Overview of OSRAM's ROADsight dashcams

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Product features

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Video resolution @ 30fps1080p1080p1440p1080p
Viewing angle120°130°140°130°
GPS trackingXXX
Parking modeXX
Storage capacity3Up to 32GBUp to 32GBUp to 128GBX
Rear camera connectionXX-
OSRAM guarantee42 years2 years2 years2 years
Remark---Works only
in combination
with ROADsight 50
front camera

The OSRAM ROADsight dashcams in action:

Your inconspicuous companion
The OSRAM ROADsight dashcams are designed in discreet dark greys. Due to their small exterior dimensions, the compact, small cameras blend unobtrusively into the car interior and are almost invisible from the outside. Placed behind the rear-view mirror, the dashcams are now hardly noticeable and you can concentrate fully on traffic.

Access via app
The OSRAMconnect App, downloadable from the Apple App Store or Google PlayStore, connects you to your car.2 In no time at all, you can transfer the images from your ROADsight 30 or ROADsight 50 dashcams (including ROADsight REAR 10, if applicable) to your smartphone and save them there.1

Easy installation
Each ROADsight dashcam comes with tools for installing cables behind the vehicle's interior trim. This allows the power cable with USB connection and 12V plug to be installed almost invisibly inside the car. Once the mount is attached to the windshield, the dashcam can be clipped onto it magnetically and moved to the desired recording position.

A camera for more rear-view
Sticked to the rear windown, the ROADsight REAR 10 rear camera can recored either the vehicle interior or the road behind. In both cases, the rear camera must be connected with a cable to the ROADsight 50 dashcam.

OSRAMconnect –
connects you with your car

Easy access to images and videos

The OSRAMconnect app connects you to your OSRAM ROADsight 30 or ROADsight 50 dashcam and makes it even easier to access recorded media. Watch videos and pictures taken by the camera directly on your smartphone and save them. For example, pictures of an accident are quickly accessible and can be used as evidence, if necessary.1

You can also use the OSRAMconnect app on your smartphone to adjust the settings of your dashcam.2

Download the OSRAMconnect app here:

Google PlayStore

Apple App Store

1 Please note: Individual special requirements and legislation of the countries must be observed, especially concerning the duration of the records/use and the transfer of data. Please make yourself familiar with the data protection laws of your country and ensure that you comply with them. Please also familiarize yourself and comply with the relevant laws and regulations regarding the use and ownership of dashcams in your country.
2 ROADsight dashcams come with firmware in 11 different languages: CZ, DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, NL, PL, RO, RU, SE. The OSRAMconnect App provides 7 languages: DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, NL, PL.
3 Slot for micro-SD card. Card not included in delivery.
4 Detailed conditions are available on our guarantee pages.

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