Success Stories for Outdoor Lighting

Magical cave illumination despite the harsh environment with OSRAM’s Duris P5


The Pertosa-Auletta caves are the only cave system in Europe where visitors can explore an underground river, leading into the heart of the mountain. By replacing their previous lighting system with a multicolor LED solution, based on the Duris P5 product line [...]

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Osram Opto Semiconductors Transforms Hangzhou’s City Park into an Attractive Leisure Site


A large scale comprehensive city lighting engineering project was carried out in Hangzhou in preparation for the 2016 G20 summit. Located at the heart of the Qianjiang New Town, City Terrace is a vibrant modern urban park in Hangzhou, China. At night, lighting transforms the park [...]

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New goals for stadium lighting with LEDs


Category: General Lighting

The European Football Championship are well underway in France, captivating audiences from around the world. The global spectacle is expected to attract more than two billion viewers, with the final match potentially reaching over 300 million spectators. However, in order to reach these expected audiences and to truly immerse football fans in the atmosphere of the sporting event...

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