An Exceptionally Illuminated Fuxing Bridge Welcomes the 2016 G20 Summit

A bird-eye view of Fuxing Bridge in Hangzhou
A bird-eye view of Fuxing Bridge in Hangzhou
A bird-eye view of Fuxing Bridge in Hangzhou
A bird-eye view of Fuxing Bridge in Hangzhou
A bird-eye view of Fuxing Bridge in Hangzhou

A large scale comprehensive city lighting engineering project was carried out in Hangzhou in preparation for the 2016 G20 summit. Stunning lighting engineering enhances the iconic Fuxing Bridge, a huge urban structure which was the first bridge across the Qiantang River in Hangzhou.


Catégorie: Street & Urban
Emplacement: Shanghai, China
Technologie / Services: LED components
Année: 2017

Fuxing Bridge combines modern innovation with traditional inspirations. It is currently the longest double-deck tied arch bridge in China, at a length of 1,376m. With two main arches and nine small arches, it has the largest simple support steel arch beam span in China, with a main arch span of 190m. Innovative lighting technology is used to enhance the visual impact of this feat of engineering and create a unique display.

As Fuxing bridge is a special arch structure with heavy vehicle traffic, it has strict safety and stability standards. OSRAM was required to apply cutting-edge LED technology for the ROLEDS lighting equipment which was installed on the irregular solid surface of the bridge. Lighting effects must be aesthetically pleasing and meanwhile avoid harming the eyesight of pedestrians and drivers.

The lighting engineering of Fuxing Bridge adopts Cube Lighting products from ROLEDS and core LED components from Osram Opto Semiconductors—DURIS S 5. These products apply the latest Osram color-light LED components and include the following advantageous features – small size, high brightness, soft color, wide chromatography coverage, low heat loss, and good voltage consistency of red, green, and blue lights. Osram’s advanced optoelectronic technology has provided the perfect lighting solution for the iconic Fuxing Bridge.

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