Sport is more than simply a competition for top performances, goals and victories. When the dynamics of competition is experienced by live spectators and TV audiences, sport becomes a perceptible experience, a primetime event. For this to be possible, even fans in the very last row have to follow what's happening with ease, how athletes visualise their target, how they cast a rm eye on their competitors or how they shoot the ball into the back of the net.

Professional sports athletes need professional light to be able to deliver maximum performances and also to avoid injury. Referees must be able to detect even the smallest details, and they have to make correct decisions within fractions of a second. Light is the decisive factor. Quicker, higher, further – and brighter. Last but not least, spectators and even passers by are fascinated by the effects dynamic lighting provides – for example at the entrance of the teams or even outside at the sports site’s façade.




Developed with superior usability in mind, SYMPHOLIGHT 2.2 is the powerful software for lighting control with the aim of highest usability. With a visual, intuitive interface SYMPHOLIGHT 2.2 simpli es programming and the use of lighting controls for medium to highly complex projects. Based on advanced timeline programming, it combines easy xture and project set-up, content creation, automation and execution control in a single application.


SymphoGraph collects, aggregates and visualizes data of our customer to optimize there Business. It bene ts the customer by providing an overview of resources (energy, people, assets), giving optimization proposals as a basis for consulting. All with the goal of growing business or increasing turnover.



Skatepark Karlsruhe (GER)

Siteco LED luminaires provide for spectacular performance in Karlsruhe skatepark

The skatepark in Otto-Dullenkopf-Park in Karlsruhe has been completely redesigned after more than 15 years and expanded. DSGN concepts, the planner in charge of the modernization were looking for a both energy-ef cient and good-looking innovative full-area lighting solution, providing instant light on demand without ramp-up time like discharge lamps. The main objective was to illuminate the skatepark homogeneously, energy- ef ciently, icker-free and with low glare for the skaters.

FC Hochstadt e. V. (GER)

Playing field lighting at the highest technical level

OSRAM illuminates a football pitch in Hochstadt with innovative LED oodlight system: The aim was to ensure that the lighting complies with higher requirements in terms of ef ciency and quality of light and that it also re ects the modern outlook of the club, and in particular its new FIFA 2 star-certi ed arti cial turf. STRABAG Sportstättenbau was commissioned as general contractor for the project, OSRAM technology and expertise was sourced for lighting design and planning, and FSB Beling installed and started up the luminaires.

Ski resort Horn (CHE)

Out of the shadows – new LED floodlighting system from OSRAM makes for more fun on the piste

Just in time for the 2016 / 17 ski season, the ski resort in Horn in Appenzellerland puts its new modern oodlighting system into operation. Designed and implemented by OSRAM Lighting Solutions, the LED lighting system makes the small local lift even more attractive. Visitors can now also go skiing in the evening under optimum lighting conditions.

Swimming hall Årnes and Holmen (NY)

Innovative indoor swimming pool lighting with high-quality OSRAM LED system

Lighting an indoor swimming pool is a discipline with special challenges. The unique surface properties of the water – uneven and semi-re ective – cause glare and disrupt light uniformity. Innovative Siteco Floodlight 20 LED Mirrortec system from OSRAM provides perfect overall lighting and pleasant atmosphere for swimming pool in Årnes. In summer 2017 a new swimming hall with approximately 4000 square meters of oor space including a swimming pool (25 m long), an activity and child pool has been completed.

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