Smart lighting technology can build your brand, enhance product recognition and boost sales. So when it comes to retail, choose LED components from a partner with decades of experience and the power to help you accomplish your project. OSRAM’s broad portfolio of innovative ultra high power state-of-the-art LEDs offers a spectrum of in nite possibilities – from broad areal to precise accent lighting, from the display of products or exponents to the ambience of shop spaces or galleries. Light your corporate colours and logo and implement a common lighting concept in all your outlets worldwide. With great ef ciency, intelligent controlling and high impact.


Licross Trunking System

How will you work in the future? Thanks to OSRAM’s LicrossTM Trunking System, light is going to be a decisive success factor for that question. With fast assembly and precise lighting technology for maximum light quality and ef ciency.

Cove Light AC HO RGBW

Cove Light AC HO RGBW is a high output, energy ef cient LED cove xture that is capable of producing high quality white light and dynamic coloured lighting for a wide range of indoor lighting applications from alcove to wall grazing and indirect illumination.

Lumos 3/Lumos IP65

Well-lit goods increase sales success and attract attention to products in the food trade. Individual lighting solutions are obligatory to achieve the ideal presentation of goods. Whether horizontal or vertical, Lumos® 3 achieves optimal displays of goods with maximum visual comfort according to speci c needs.

Track Spot

Track Spot is a highly exible spotlight for retail areas, foyers, lobbies and receptions. Providing several light distributions and ux levels as well as a slick, straight design, Track Spot blends extraordinarily well into every architectural context.



Developed with superior usability in mind, SYMPHOLIGHT 2.2 is the powerful software for lighting control with the aim of highest usability. With a visual, intuitive interface SYMPHOLIGHT 2.2 simpli es programming and the use of lighting controls for medium to highly complex projects. Based on advanced timeline programming, it combines easy xture and project set-up, content creation, automation and execution control in a single application.


SymphoGraph collects, aggregates and visualizes data of our customer to optimize there Business. It bene ts the customer by providing an overview of resources (energy, people, assets), giving optimization proposals as a basis for consulting. All with the goal of growing business or increasing turnover.

OSRAM easy

As digitalisation progresses, our world is becoming increasingly complex. Lighting no longer stands on its own, but becomes part of an overall solution. In this ever evolving world, where new possibilities are constantly emerging, OSRAM stays by your side. To make the digital world of the future tangible for you – and easy.

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