With more than 50 % of the world’s population living in cities managing the urban areas and making them attractive, livable spaces is becoming a major task. The public lighting infrastructure is in an ideal situation to support this. It is where people are, it is evenly spread across a city’s area, it is power supplied, it is easily interconnected and it is in a good position for environmental sensing tasks. Developing individual streetlights to a connectivity infrastructure will support many areas of modern cities. Sensors for parking management can be embedded, environmental data like air quality, traf c density etc. can be monitored as well as public security aspects.

Urban lighting turns cityscapes into vibrant centres of cultural activity, highlighting buildings, structures, spaces and monuments, while creating atmosphere, directing attention and communicating visually. Masts, booms, accessories and colour options like the new OSRAM Amber create a full- edged “tool kit” for designing urban ambiance. From simple and functional to highly sophisticated and artistic: Our expertise and professional execution ensure that your vision becomes a reality with state-of-the-art LED luminaires, hardware and software.

Lighting in large public spaces like parking lots, central squares, mixed-use or surrounding areas and green areas needs to serve various purposes. Energy savings are both an economical and an ecological requirement, lower maintenance costs an important contribution to relieving tense municipal budgets. On the other hand, area lighting is an incredibly important tool for guidance and safety for pedestrians. Highest quality, endurance and resistance to external in uences like harsh weather conditions are crucial for keeping urban areas well illuminated and therefore attractive to both locals and visitors.

Smart, interconnected cities deserve integrated and networked light. With smart outdoor lighting management, OSRAM enables control and monitoring of individual luminaires, comprising up to thousands of points of light. This light infrastructure facilitates particularly a reduction in power consumption, CO2 emission and light pollution while increasing safety and optimizing maintenance planning. Using additional WiFi, sensors, smart cameras and further devices, OSRAM provides all the necessary equipment for implementing the smart city-ready, highly intelligent municipal infrastructure of tomorrow – even beyond light.

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